Announcing Early Adopters Campaign end date & $FRON airdrop

2 min readApr 20, 2021


We are happy to share that the Early Adopters’ Campaign is scheduled to end on june 1th, with the $FRON airdrop happening immediately after.

$FRON is the governance token for the , giving voting power to its holders. Coming on the heels of an upgrade to non-custodial staking, this distribution of $FRON is the last chance to earn a vote in the protocol without participating in any of the planned farming incentives. This event will reward early fronted user with an outsized proportion of tokens and bootstrap the protocol’s governance.

What are the terms of the airdrop?

Frontop will distribute 10,000,000 $FRON, or 10% of the total supply, to Frontend users within the Early Adopters Campaign. The campaign is tiered and offers 1000 $FRON per every 1000 $LUSD deposited to protocol with our frontend:

How much time do I have left to join?

The campaign will end once the 10 000 000 $LUSD transfred mark is hit, or on June 1th, whichever is earliest. In case the campaign doesn’t reach 10 000 000 $LUSD transfered, all the unclaimed $FRON tokens will be returned to the Frontops DAO Treasury. The holders of $FRON will then be able to decide on the fate of unclaimed tokens.

How will I claim my $FRON tokens?

FRONTOPS has prepared a simple interface for the campaign participants to claim their $FRON. The instructions on how to claim the tokens will be made available simultaneously with the end of the campaign on June 1th.

Disclaimer: if the rewards calculation and contract deployment for the Merkle Drop go smoothly, the airdrop will be available within 24 hours from the end of the campaign.